Tropical Royal Palms Throw Blanket

This regal piece features the royal palms of the Prince of Wales, Princes of Wales and Duke of Chualnes. These were originally done to honor their royalty. Set on a neutral background, this would be a lovely addition to any decor.  This Tapestry Throw is 53 inches wide by 70 inches tall, and is woven from 100% cotton.

· Soft Luscious feel with a quality and texture that only comes through weaving.
· Woven from 100% cotton ensuring vibrant colors
· Jacquard woven style lends a dynamic, textured look
· Hand finished for uniqueness
· Woven in the USA
· Great for cold mornings on the couch, a day at the game or a lovely picnic.
· Woven Throws & Afghans that are soft & luxurious, providing warmth and comfort
· Woven from 100% Cotton providing rich color, texture and definition
· Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness


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