Our classy 4th Order Fresnel Lens table lamp is a true nuatical treasure worthy of display in your nautical themed, home, office or seaside retreat!
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Our newest design!  This 4th Order Fresnel Lens Table lamp is a true nautical treasure worthy of display in your nautical theme home, office or seaside retreat.  The Fresnel Lens is mounted on a custom designed board, handstained with light oak coating and perfectly sealed with two coats of polyurethane with an overall lamp height of approximately 23" high.  A three way switch allows you to display the lamp as a traditional lamp, both the Lens & Lamp lit simultaneously or the Lens displayed as a unique night light.  Delightfully accented with twin brass doors to add an additional display option and topped off with our Old World Map lampshade.  A must have decorative accent for any nautical enthusiast!        

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4th Order Fresnel Lens Table Lamp

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