Custom designed ceremic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Lamp, a true treasure you'll enjoy for a lifetime.
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At an imposing 193 feet, Cape Hatteras is the tallest in the nation. It was built in 1870 to replace an earlier light, which also protected seafarers from the treacherous shoals in an area off the Outer Banks known as "the graveyard of the Atlantic." Due to the beach erosion of the last century, the Cape Hatteras Light was moved back from the coastline in 1999 to ensure that this beloved lighthouse would not be lost to the ravages of the Atlantic. Cape Hatteras is perhaps the best-known and most photographed and reproduced lighthouse in America. Overall lamp height is 25".

Lamp Features:

  • Three-wire lighting (night light, table lamp, or both)"
  • Lighthouse is made of hand cast ceramics"
  • Lighthouse is individually etched, carved, and
    meticulously hand painted by Justin Derrico"
  • Five-quarter solid pine base, stained and top-coated"
  • Shade: Bone-White Soft Pleat Shade"
  • Solid brass ball finial"
  • Maximum wattage: 100 watts"
  • Your choice of design, Pyramid or Teardrop
  • Boston LightWorks original & exclusive"


  • Pyramid:
  • Teardrop:
  • Item #: 4006HAT

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Lamp, North Carolina

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